Come Stay a While on Tenafly Road



Weary of running series

***** The second installment in The Tenafly Road Series definitely did not disappoint. With the introduction of new characters and the return of familiar ones, Weary of Running made for an exciting read. The protagonist, Thankful, is the real highlight of the novel. She consistently makes very poor decisions but in the end, you can understand why she has made every last one of them. The story ranges from love and romance to questions of faith and morality. It does all this without being preachy and explores many angles of different aspects of life. This is one of the best books I have read in a long time. Amazon Review



4 thoughts on “Come Stay a While on Tenafly Road

    • You’re so sweet to ask! Yes, I read it with great enthusiasm–and it did help a lot. It’s funny with fiction how much you have to cut out though. Much of what I learned I didn’t keep in the final edits. Hardtack and Coffee is one of my all time favorites for getting the flavor of the Civil War army (written by a vet of the war with much detail and great humor).

      How are you doing across the pond?

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