Reviews for The Dew That Goes Early Away

***** NOT DISAPPOINTED. I have also read the first two books,and was so looking forward to this next one.
I must say I am not disappointed.
The characters grab you by the heart and before you realize it, you can’t wait to turn the page to see what happens next. Great job researching all the history and little details of the time period.
I have really gotten to Love some of these characters and dislike some others.
Another book,I hope?

***** MORRIS’S BEST WORK YET. It’s clear to me after reading the third installment of the Tenafly Road Series that Morris has a very deep understanding of the human mind, perhaps deeper than she knows. Everyone is struggling in some way and this novel is an exploration into how we all deal with it. Some people join strange cults and some of us marry the wrong guy. I have found that with each book, more questions are raised about love, religion and morality and why it is that humans simply can’t get it together. Morris has an unwavering, distinct voice and a presentation of ideas without ever getting preachy. All of the viewpoints and different sides are offered to the reader and it’s up to us to decide what to do with them. I loved the dialogue and the way that the book made me laugh and feel melancholy all at once.