Family Saga Newsletter/ Winter 2017

Cozy winter reading days are here, my friends!

Here at Middlemay Farm it’s all about writing (and reading) great family sagas.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.  Spending time with family and friends gives me lots of story ideas (my mother always notices the references in my novels) and this year is no different.

051Here at the farm we’re adopting our foster daughter and enjoying the lull before goat and sheep babies this spring so I’m furiously writing about the characters I love (and hoping you adore them, too!). I can’t wait to share what happens next to our favorite lovably dysfunctional characters–Thankful, Buck and William! I’m dying to know who you all like best!

My adult daughter will be posing for Sam Hennessy (my cover designer) for Forget Me Not, the next book in The Tenafly Road Series (aren’t these hair inspirations fantastic?) so be looking for that in a month or so, but for now you can catch up with the Weldon and Crenshaw families in the first three books. 

For a limited time The House on Tenafly Road ebook is FREE for most devices. Download it TODAY and let me know if you enjoyed it with a good review 🙂 .

I’m also running a giveaway open only to my subscribers: a free ebook copy of the latest novel The Dew That Goes Early Away to the first person to EMAIL me back:

You don’t want to miss Buck’s visit to a 19th century free love, utopian society! And what happens to the star-crossed lovers William and Thankful? You’ll have to read the books to find out.

Here’s wishing you a cozy winter and many great stories!