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The Dew That Goes Early Away by Adrienne  Morris

The Dew That Goes Early Away

by Adrienne Morris

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***** “A rich and colorful page turner. Morris has a fine sense of time and place and brings her memorable characters to life. She also tells a captivating story. You won’t find it easy to put her book down, and her characters will stay with you when you do. We can only hope she keeps writing and gives us more episodes in this fascinating chronicle.”

*****I loved The House on Tenafly Road and have been looking forward . . .I have been waiting impatiently for Weary of Running to come out and I have to say it was worth the wait!
I Loved “House on Tenafly Road” and have been looking forward to this second one. I must say, it has not disappointed me.It has some of the characters from, House on Tenafly Road, but some very interesting new ones. My favorite is,Thankful, although at times I wanted to “shake” her.Unfortunately I finished it in a day and now will be waiting for the next one!Great work Adrienne Morris!

*****It’s clear to me after reading The Dew That Goes Early Away that Morris has a very deep understanding of the human mind, perhaps deeper than she knows. Everyone is struggling in some way and this novel is an exploration into how we all deal with it. Some people join strange cults and some of us marry the wrong guy. I have found that with each book, more questions are raised about love, religion and morality and why it is that humans simply can’t get it together. Morris has an unwavering, distinct voice and a presentation of ideas without ever getting preachy. All of the viewpoints and different sides are offered to the reader and it’s up to us to decide what to do with them. I loved the dialogue and the way that the book made me laugh and feel melancholy all at once.

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