Fiction: The Trouble with Dead Horses

Buck and Streeter = TROUBLE!

Author Adrienne Morris

Last week Buck was rebuffed by the girl of his dreams and now this . . .

“Sir! I’m ruined for sure! What should I do?” Streeter whispered, his breath moist against Buck’s face.

“What? Why are you bothering me? Where were you?” Buck asked.

“By the horses, sir! Oh, I am a fool!” Streeter cried and pulled at Buck.

“Let go, Streeter. What are you on about?”

“I’ve come to you because I have no one else to turn to. You’re decent and, truly, I do consider you a friend.”

“What’s happened, Streeter?” Buck asked, sitting up with bleary eyes.

“I’m a damned fool. The stable workers . . . the privates, they’re the only fellows that chat with me, but you, sir. And I’m very grateful for your bravery.”

“I’m not brave—“

“Never mind that now, sir. You have intelligence and that’s what I need. The enlisted men…

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