Fiction: The Trouble with Women

More trouble for Buck!

Author Adrienne Morris

A summer night of trouble for  Buck Crenshaw and Milford Streeter . . .

Buck reported for duty early, waiting for a chance to sneak off as the military band with its brass and drums lit the evening with hope. Girls in an array of flashy colors strolled along the wooded path known as Flirtation Row picking wildflowers, but there was only one girl that mattered. Buck spotted Rose Turner strolling towards the stone walls by the path. No one could ever compare to Rose Turner with her bold suits and small mouth. Buck dreamt all year about those lips and other things, too. He had only viewed Rose from afar as a plebe, but now things would be different.

Buck took a moment to admire her full round face and her slim waist and then with pounding heart, he slipped away from his post in the chilly and darkening…

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