Fiction: West Point Summer

Author Adrienne Morris

Buck Crenshaw takes on his friends and the new black cadet, Milford Streeter.

Buck watched as cadets passed him on The Plain. Who’d hived him to his brother? What burned Buck most was that he had been soft. It seemed the sensible thing to do, but now—his whole reputation as a leader might be destroyed.

Buck planned to enjoy being merciless with the truly stupid and slovenly cadets, but Streeter was compliant and well-mannered. It disturbed Buck that Fred, of all people, would doubt him.

Two classmates strode up as Buck walked to the mess hall. “Crenshaw, there you are! So what’s HE like?”

“Who?” Buck asked.

They shoved him playfully. “The darkie, of course!” his friend, Carter said.

“Oh, he’s fine, I suppose. I mean I hardly had time to have a heart to heart or anything, what with setting him straight on his attire and room,” Buck said.

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